Having a pond in your garden definitely enhances your landscape. It is also very soothing watching the ripples on the surface and hearing water splashing. It’s a great way to de-stress.

If a pond is set up properly from the start, it should not be hard maintaining it. This takes proper planning. After all, a pond, like an aquarium, is a living eco-system. With our years of expertise, we can help you realise your dream of having a beautiful thriving pond with healthy fish swimming graciously.

Part of our services is to also provide you with regular maintenance. This is important if you want everything to run smoothly, without worries. So, make it a point to visit us and see how we can be part of your plan.

Trustworthy Equipments

We supply all necessary pond equipment to keep your pond running smoothly and nicely. We also have varieties of fish food that your fish will love.
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  • sera
  • tetra