Nature Aquarium Supplies

We have many choices of hardscapes ranging from driftwoods to rocks and stones. A dedicated area is provided for you to test out your selections by arranging them on the spot before deciding on the purchase.


Driftwoods are ideal for an aquarium as they are less likely to rot under water. Our shop is stocked with a myriad selection of driftwoods from Malaysia. Each driftwood is unique in size and form, and there will definitely be those most suitable for your dream design.


Similarly, our rocks and stones come in many forms and sizes, some up to 30kg. Some attest that selecting rocks or driftwoods itself is very therapeutic.

Aquatic Plants

Nature Aquatic World is well stocked with a wide range of aquatic plants. Each species has different characteristics and requirements. We will be on hand to help you select the right plant to buy depending on your nature aquarium design and experience level. We can also make specific plant orders for you if in larger quantities.

Products Brands

We are equipped with all the necessary equipment like ADA, Eheim, Azoo, Seachem. We also carry other brands products that can fit any type of budgets.

  • ada
  • hailea
  • laguna
  • dennerle
  • Arista
  • intense
  • jbl products
  • seachem
  • hagen
  • sera
  • tetra
  • resun